Black Madonna

St-Jean Baptiste Church

The Black Madonna

The summer of 2010 was a huge one for me. Two events took place, setting the foundation for what would become the most influential relationships in my life for the years to follow. This stands true to this day.
The first event; a tour through central Canada with two hiphop artists; Kelvin and Jay Mizz. Though we didn’t have the name then, this tour was the genesis of KIDS. Since then, the relationship built with these young men (including newest addition Munro) has been beneficial in an artistic, even business sense, but really we developed friendships that became central supports in my life. From this album, to day to day living, I am very grateful that I have had these gentlemen in my life.
The second event; a trip to Northern California to attend a week long seminar/retreat on education and ecology. I was sponsored by a friend due to my work at the time in downtown Vancouver with Directions Youth Services. During this trip, I got myself into some unexpected trouble with a local girl and I’ve been foolishly in love ever since. The first song I wrote upon returning home from that month long summer trip, was ‘Black Madonna’ and from that song I wrote an album.

This album/Mixtape is essentially an interpretation of the last three years of my life, which is kind of funny considering the last song was written approximately two years ago. She has the depth and breadth of an album, but the production ranges from original beats by Kelvin of 4am Styles, to original beats from YouTube producers, to jacked beats from within the industry. Whether or not it’s an album or Mixtape, it’s definitely a work that holds a lot of weight for me personally. I have a few other projects in the works but I don’t think any of them will come close in terms of intimacy. Some will be much more polished, some more lyrical, but none will be as raw and open.
I look at this work as a sort of sacrifice. The Black Madonna herself, young men offer their lives, lost in her love and initiation. An initiation through the darkest parts of their being. And in turn, through their death, they are reborn, initiated, a new man, enlightened. Now I’m not saying I’m enlightened by any means, but this album went through a similar process to manifest itself and I definitely underwent my own growth throughout the experiences that inspired the creation of this record. A culmination of sacrifices, to offer art, to offer life. Art, in my view is some sort of non-sentient life form, because real art, is most definitely alive with something, magical let’s say.  But everyone pitched in with their own sacrifices helping make this come to fruition. From the beats, the guest appearances, my pops and Munro throwing down on the art work. Kelvin, putting in countless hours and applying himself creatively to enhance the record and bring it all together as well as possible. For a producer working without the bed tracks for the beats, he was limited in his mixing abilities but he definitely did a great job in my opinion and I’m very thankful to have had such a close working partnership. Mizz is and has always been ready to help however he can, anything technical, digital, musical, media related, he’s always there, guiding me through it, getting his hands dirty or both. Besides KIDS, I have features from friends/artists who have not engaged the industry with their arts, but have kept it to themselves for private enjoyment. This too, I find reflective of the Black Madonna spirit. Again, the beats, how they were selected, where they came from and how Kelvin had to work with what he had, this as well is in that same spirit.

There are a few themes that run through the album. Clearly there is a love story aspect, but it is a transcendent relationship, what I mean by that is that it takes place on various levels/planes of existence, multi/inter dimensional so to speak. Or at least that was the intention. There is also the question of; What is reality? As the line between waking reality and the dream state is blurred the question of being awake becomes literal as well existential. Though such questions remain unanswered the album itself has a high self awareness, knowing that it is only its perception of itself that it knows. And leaves you wondering; If he dreamed it all, but woke up relating to his dream like it was real, what actually happened? Or, did he even wake up? Is it all really a dream? Or, did the dream reflect the reality? The work asks this question repeatedly to no avail.

There is also an Egyptian thread woven throughout. From hints in the intro song, ironically entitled ‘The End’, to blatant references such as ‘Book of the Dead’. There is an amalgamation of many spiritual, religious, mystic traditions, Egyptian being in many respects the father of all, it feels most appropriate to gravitate back to the roots. Christianity being the prevalent cultural standard of religion and with the recent surge of new ageism and resurgence of mysticism, such influences are clearly asserted within the works as well. The Black Madonna is associated with Isis and this parallel is hinted at multiple times. In fact she is also associated with the Magdalene which is stated in the title track along with other feminine divinities. Essentially there is one great mother/lover. For some it may seem odd to place those two words together, especially in this context, but such a notion, however understandable with today’s social preconditioned discomfort at the thought, would be to grossly overlook the inherent oneness in the nature of existence.

With such amalgamations there is an attempt to unify all religions under the common threads that run through all, with emphasis on reasserting the feminine back in her rightful place in the spiritual hierarchy. There are moments when rather than praised as divine the feminine is degraded, this is no glorification or attempt to put the feminine ‘in her place’. This is the unfortunate but all too real playing out of boyish behavior in the all too heavy game of love. All expressions/songs are their own, there is the arrogant moment, hubris, jealousy, anger, frustration, depression. None are glorified, but all presented as they are. Authentic embodiments of those faces of the character. One must see themselves for what they are. This is the Black Madonna’s methodology, making her initiate face his dark side and journey through it. Personally, I relate to my works like this; My catalogue is a reflection of my life, the highs and lows. Though certain behaviors are gross in various ways, my catalogue would be a dishonest & incomplete, an idealized, self aggrandizement, if I were to look back and not see these moments scattered amongst it. I hope they become less and less frequent and that such a progression can reflect the growth, the true evolution of myself. But this is yet to be seen.

This relationship encapsulates my physical love, in flesh and ambition, my philosophic/spiritual questions and pursuits and the experiences and ensuing ebb n flow of confusion and clarity that come with all such endeavors. The synthesis of all these preoccupations bordering on obsession, is the crystallization of these 23 tracks, 72 minutes and change. My personal fascination with the album can be summarized by the saying “Everything is everything”. I have never seen that phrase more clearly than in my reflection when looking into the Black Madonna. And now here she is, with the help of my friends and inspired by a chance meeting on a chance trip to a place I had at that point never been before. It feels appropriate to release it on Valentine`s Day, my gift to all of those who show love by supporting the music, an album that`s a love story. For what it`s worth, I put a lot of love into this one. With the release date I can`t help but think of the lyrics in the chorus of the title track. The lyric stands true more than ever on the release date even though it was the first lyric written for the entire project. “This is for my heart, Mother Divine, the Goddess. The Magdalene, Mother Mary, the Black Madonna`s…“

There is an extraordinary enigma in the present moment. It is the convergence of all that has ever been and could ever be and the potential of every second could unlock any and all of eternities secrets. It lies beyond fathom and especially explanation. The mystery is and she lives, with love, through death, beyond the flesh, waiting for you.

Again, I’d like to thank the whole KIDS/33KIDS family, for everything, all the support, assistance and contributions along the way. As corny and or cliche as it may be, I really couldn’t have done it without y’all.

So I’ll send you off with this gem right here… If you check the album out you will see its relevance immediately.

The album will be downloadable for free @   donate something if you want.

Feel free to shoot me any questions about anything if you feel that way.

One Love


Summer School Tour Wrap Up

*WARNING* Mizzy Mizz aka Motown Mizzy aka MiZZNUM PI aka the MiZZARD of Awes aka Poncho Sanchez tends to be long winded…so brace yourselves lol

Well another cross country run has come and gone! I always have mixed feelings after a tour, its great to be home and have my own bed but I still get what I like to call PTD or Post Tour Depression. I know that I’m built for road life because of that along with all the late nights/lack of sleep, crashing on our homies floors and the long drives are starting to become rather normal. This six week trip included 17 shows throughout the three sections of KIDS Summer School tour; Claim to Fame tour with DL Incognito and Tech Twelve, a few central Canada/southern Ontario dates and the Pocket Change tour with Theymedia. We also took the first lady of KIDS, Nikki Saint with us on this tour, which added a nice RnB flavour to each night.



We started off with the six date Claim to Fame tour with Canadian legends DL Incognito and Tech Twelve which includeded Whistler, VanCity, Kelowna, Banff, Calgary and Lethbridge. I grew up listening to DL and was always a huge fan of his lyrics/Tech’s production and to be able to build with them was so dope. The first few nights we just exchanged daps and they let us eat their rider food, which instantly was a great sign, haha. As the tour went on, we got a lot more comfortable with each other and shared lots of laughs, drinks and were also given some great advice/guidance from two cats I’ve always looked up to. Super humble dudes, a huge thanks to them and Outline Agency for having us as the main tour support, it was a hell of an experience. My favourite night out of all of the shows had to be Lethbridge. The vibe of the night started off a bit weird but in the end, it was a great way to end this part of the tour. The crowd showed a lot of love and we were shown great hospitality by DJ Booda, Rest in Power big homie.


After we finished off that portion of the tour, we continued east and hit Regina for a one off show with Def 3 and Sweatshop Union on some last minute isssh. We were thankful for the stop and to see some of our Regina family that we’ve met through Ali Dahesh. Big ups to Jason, Bob and Kalki for helping us out there and showing mad love.



Following Regina we were anxious to get to Kenora, where we rocked one of the dopest, largest venues in my lovely hometown, the Whitecap Pavillion. As openers we didn’t have the largest crowd of the night but they showed a ton of love and the night capped out with 800 people at the event. It was another cool experience because we’ve never done a room of that size and dealing with the reverb was a different beast but damn it was sick to have that much space to run around with on stage. I’m glad I got to cross that venue off my bucket list but look forward to being the headliner at that spot in the future. Respect to Nate and Mort Goss & Chris Jones for helping us get a slot in that show.


After making our way though northwestern Ontario, we kicked it in Toronto for nearly a week with our homies Babylon Warchild. Much love and respect to Raf and Reef for letting us crash at their spot for a few days. We only rocked one set there, in Ajax and it was a bit lackluster but we still did our thing and were able to catch up with some friends we haven’t seen in a while. The highlights for me personally were outside of performing. We crushed a joint with Unknown Mizery that will be featured on the KIDS next release, ohhhhhh shit do we got some dope things cooking for that. We got a chance to take in Caribana weekend for the first time, which was pretty wild. I’ve never seen anything like that, the vibe was nice, the costumes were crazy and the amount of people checking out the festivities was ridiculous. Our homie Reef also took us to this dope block party in his former hood, which was a cool experience as well. The biggest highlight personally was kicking it with one of my college professor Tony Sutherland. Always great to catch up with him, he holds a wealth of knowledge in the industry and we always have tons of laughs and shared our experiences from Caribana.





After Toronto, we carried on to Montreal for five days and were able to really soak in the city during this trip because last tour we had less than 24 hours. Thankfully it was our performance during the Masta Ace tour that got us booked for the Under Pressure Festival, which was running its 18th installment of this Grafitti/Urban showcase weekend. Sterling Downey and Melissa Proietti were gracious hosts and we can’t wait to be back in Montreal and build with them in the future. The vibe from this weekend were also amazing, so much hip hop involved!! At one point you have a DJ spinning tracks to the BBoy/BGirl battle, while graf artists were showcasing their skills on the city walls around Sainte Catherine street. It was pure hip hop ALL weekend long and if you ever get the chance to check this festival, I highly recommend it. We were part of a weekend wrap up show at Foufounes with Mr Lif and it was cool to see how he handled his live show, how he incorporated the crowd and kept his energy moving. It was great to rock that stage of such a legendary venue again! We also got to hit up Old Montreal on some of our downtime and took some sick photos and is where I think we got the photo of the tour…drawn for us…



We started to make our way back to northwestern Ontario after Montreal but made a pit stop in Scarborough and spent a couple nights with Munro’s cousin and I gotta say..DAMN. I didn’t even know that this type of view existed in Toronto, I’ll let the pictures do the talking for me on this one. A Huge thanks to Chelsea and Brian for welcoming us into their home and showing us this hidden gem!


We made a quick stop in Sudbury to do an all ages paint party on our way to the Pocket Change tour’s start in Sault Ste Marie. It was a different vibe but I’ve never seen anything like that either, just tweens screaming to have this waterbased paint shot all over them and they were pretty live. Mad respect to my aunt and uncle for holding us down everytime we roll through Sudbury as well!


The Pocket Change tour was a chance for us to reunite with our central Canada brothers, Theymedia. It was the first time we’ve headlined a tour and it was great to build with Tony, Preme IBE and Chepnko(LT) of Beatfarm. This section of our tour really allowed us to showcase our skills to our hometowns and it was a great way to finish this journey. BIG UPS to the Waltons and Theymedia for their hospitality in Thunder Bay, which is always amazing. We’ve been cooking up a 15 track project when we stop through there and it will feature production by Theymedia producers, AM and Tony Mcguire, as well as one track by Boston area producer C-Lance and lyrics by KIDS, Nikki Saint, Ali Dahesh and Theymedia.


The shows were a lot of fun and it was dope to see Theymedia get better and better each night, I highly recommend checking out our brothers if they are in your area!! Wawa was a fun stop, they always treat us like royalty and Yakub’s mother Jana takes amazing care of us, 1 love to her and Jody. This portion of the tour we got to spend a lot of time outdoors and get back in touch with nature. The meals in our hometowns were amazing, tons of walleye and a bit of fishing was done, campfires, a long ass canoe ride, some seadooing and tons of swimming.






The best part of this northwestern Ontario swing for myself was definitely Kenora, damn did we ever go out with a bang on this one. It basically felt like home field advantage for me this night and the crowd really showed tons of love and made my brothers feel right at home with me. The energy was amazing and K-town finally delivered the type of show that I’ve been bragging about for years, I can’t thank my people enough for that!! A huge thanks goes out to my folks for holding us down and treating us like kings when we roll through, this trip really touched my heart on a personal level, as well as musically.





This was a great and humbling learning experience on the road and I can’t wait till we head out for another venture in the future. The bonds built on these trips feel unbreakable and have helped us become a tighter family through all the conversations, music building and flatulence sharing along the road. I can’t thank Kelvin, Yakub, Munro and Nikki enough for all the energy they put into this venture…guys (and gal) we are one fucking hell of a team and our art, chemistry, skills, superpowers, and personal growth continue to impress me. I’d also like to thank Craig MacMillan, Tony Purple and Erika Kenning of Outline Agency for their continual help and support of KIDS! I’ll finally close this oout now and say thank you to all the fans we have/made but especially my family and friends that we got to see along the way, thats one of my favourite parts of being able to make these journeys across the country….till the next time Canada, this is Mizzy Mizz aka Motown Mizzy aka MiZZNUM PI aka the MiZZard of Awes aka Poncho Sanchez signing off! Peace, Love and Unity

PS. be on the lookout for a bunch more photos in the near future!!

Tour Talk

Peoples. We have some things to discuss.

We’ve had some things to discuss.

Now’s a good time.

Get comfortable

Get comfortable

If you didn’t know yet, KIDS went on a Canada-wide tour in March-April. 18 shows were performed opening up for Masta Ace. You ever heard of the guy? He brought many favourites like “Acknowledge”, “Beautiful”, and featured on a classic Cunninlynguists jam called “Seasons”. But I’m not here tryna learn ya up on who the guy is, I’m gonna tell you about our experience on the road. Now, you may see others writing bout the trip too, so I’ma try my best to speak on my behalf. That way I don’t cause death by boredom to you: the reader.

A funny thing it is to write about this trip… It was our first assignment to complete upon returning to Van, but it took a long time to get started. Why? What dafuq took so long? Well, I needed to process the experience. Did the time help? Maybe not. But I have come to one conclusion. This tour was more than a Canada-wide trip with a few buds; it was an experience of a lifetime. Ya, way to be a Cliché Clint, right?

The fuck is going on?

The fuck is going on?

But really, y’all. A dream to travel Canada came true. How amazing was it that we drove across the country, living out of a fluckin van, doing what we love on stage?! This trip captured the essence of independent music: Staying self-sustainable. We travelled on our own, determined our own accommodations, and relied on no one but ourselves at the shows. Crazy, ah?!

Real talk

Real talk

Okay, maybe not THAT crazy. But still. I look back and think of all the people that let a friend or family member stay at their homes, with 4 other dudes… we recognize the support. We see the belief in us, and we are simply grateful for all the people who lent us a hand throughout the trip. The best thing that’s come from tour is the fact that we all stopped working (what is known to many as) a day job. Don’t get me wrong, making minimum wage in an area of Canada with the second highest cost of living is tempting, but I’d rather merge my two education paths (music production and business), and have a crack at this thing called life.

We comin' for ya, bruh

We comin’ for ya, bruh

And we all have something to bring to the table. Anyone you see us working with has been, and will be an integral part to our success. But this isn’t the first time speaking on this. We’ve said that on almost every radio show we’ve been featured on… and we’ll likely be speaking on it again to many more radio hosts.

So, tell me how you all met...

“So… tell me how you all met…”

Now don’t worry, I love you radio hosts. We even got to hop on Revelstoke’s Stoke FM, 92.5 for a little interview! That was quite the night, I tell ya. The beauty thing about every show was that there were people we knew at them. Maybe not many all the time, but they were there. In fact, now may be a good moment to answer those quick questions y’all lovely Larrys enjoy asking!
A: Calgary.

A: It’s hard to explain. But the best reason I could give you is the overall experience once the show began. I mean, when we first got to Calgary, the experience was ass. Like, no love for the little crew that could. But we stayed on the mission, and things came together once we arrived at Commonwealth Bar. My, oh my… we were treated like royalty! (Minus the expectation of  getting treated like royalty… you know?)



But what started as a casual small-talk moment with Wordsworth, one of Ace’s partners in crime, turned into an in-depth chat about our set, and how it can be improved. Looking back we were frantically taking mental notes, making some late-game change ups for that evening! Seeing as it was a favourite night for me, it must’ve worked! Another thing that had us excited about the show was the fact they had wireless mics at that stage. All three of us were set! I believe we put on great sets with wired mics… but having a wireless set-up for us hooligans is simply a catalyst for an exceptional show. Trust. Also, while mid-way thru our first song, Jakub was handed a bottle of Hennessy. This was a big moment for us. But the moment started to grow, much like the crowd during our set! Our peoples in the front, heads in the back drawn to us, and a Hennessy party wildin’ out! We finished the set strong, and started selling merch. We got a good haul that night. We ended off the evening by polishing off the bottle (which has been kept, and sits on my shelf like a trophy for KIDS), and kickin’ it with some great peoples. Nuttin’ wrong with a couple victory pulls right?! It’s all those little positive experiences that made my night simply amazing. As well as the kickass review on us by Sarah Sussman, of Hip Hop Canada… Salute, miss!

A: I would say Edmonton… But… That would make it look like it was promising, which it rarely is. For real tho. Aside from the West-Ed mall, what is great about that place? I’ve met a few key beauties from that spot… but never IN that spot. What does that alone tell you? Anyways, Edmonton fell thru. You may notice I’m bitter toward Edmonton. They needa step their hip hop game up in a big way. But hey. It wasn’t the biggest let-down in my books. Kelowna, on the other hand… WOW! That was a let down! We heard all the hype about how it was gonna be a great time, tons of homies out, a wild night to be had… No. It was tame. The crowd, as small as it was, was still with us. But damn it was hard work!

A: 5 guys cooped up in a van for 6 weeks. Of course we had our moments. I like to think each of us had an argument with every other member of the group… at least I know I did! but it helped us grow, and gave us thicker skin. There were no blow-ups by any means. A couple heated conversations here n there. It was healthy for us. It’s really why I call them my brothers. C’mon, tell me you’ve gotten along with your siblings 100%!

A: A lot of Tim Horton’s. Fast, easy to find, and a somewhat healthy alternative… unless you eat it daily… which may have happened. But my main order from there was their Honey Lemon tea. There aren’t many consumable items that I stand by… yet that tea right there I endorse to the fullest! In fact, I can count the amount of coffees I had on the trip on one hand! Other than that, we tried to eat in other spots that were fast; only a couple times we treated ourselves to dine at a nice restaurant. There were a couple people we stayed with who were willing to let us use their kitchen, or make a delightful feast with us. Those were the best meals!

A: You might laugh at this, but Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan?! what the?! Ya. The flattest part of our country was the scariest. The melting, avalanche-infested Rockies were manageable. the continuous blah of the Canadian Shield was meh, and the roller-coaster like rolling hills of the Appalachians were a cool breeze. All of that was nothing compared to the wide, 2 lane traffic that had a median of a quarter kilometre, on a flat, ongoing road that you could see ahead for days… but that was the issue. We were driving in a white out! Cross winds slamming into our little packed vessel. At times all we could use for reference was the tail lights ahead of us. Gusts so strong that we were driving at an angle: slightly into the wind. And if the wind stopped? We’d be heading straight toward the ditch!

A: Golly, this is a tough question to answer, K. Little sentimental moments hit home for me. Like when we get offered to come back to Montreal for the Under Pressure festival. Or even when we had a small crowd at one of the shows: Ace was on and the night was almost over, but he took a moment to chat about how small attendances can affect the show in a big way. The job remains the same: entertain those who came to listen. Definitely an inspiring moment. Or maybe the way my dude Munro continually upped his game on every new song we made on the road. But what took the cake? performing at Michipicoten High School in Wawa, ON! We started with a workshop for the music class, recorded a lil’ sum’n sum’n for our next record, then did a performance for the second block before lunch! Hanging out with the kids after the set was truly one of the most rewarding moments for me thus far in my career.

A: Weird. Bittersweet. I was ready to be home, but had a difficult time adjusting. It’s a different life on the road: many sacrifices, late nights, and hardships not experienced at home. It is working 100% of the time. But it was a developed system that worked, and we will see the functionality increase each time we head out.

Well, y’all, that’s where it’s at. Since we’ve been back we’ve found our motivation, and we’re looking to get some newer projects completed. Mizz has been working with Nikki Saint on her solo record, Jakub has been working on a couple different solo albums, like the Evolutionaries EP (with Pashak), A Love Misunderstood (with MD) and The Black Madonna mixtape, with some production by me! We’ve also been working with 33OneThird to get our #33KIDS EP out, which I’m really looking forward to. As for myself, I’ve been working on completing on 33’s next record, just finishing up recording with MistaPhi & Nevamynd, and chopping it up with P about production. Some great material in store for y’all!

So thanks for tuning in. Sorry it took so long to get this to you. Feel free to holler at us an ask us any questions about tour! We love interacting on here when we can.



KIDS Present – The Suspect Lyricism Countdown

Whattup beaches 😉

Welcome. We are so glad you could join us.

Its been a minute folks, we went across the country since I last hit yall on this right here. Tour was great and we got plenty stories to tell on that tip, but this here is something different.
Since we’ve been crammed in the mini van so much this past month and a half we’ve bumped a lot of tunage, not all, but the majority of which has been hiphop and we’ve noticed that a lot of talented artists have some weak moments where they slip up and put forth some suspect lyricism. We find these dips in creativity to be quite amusing and we thought it’d be fun to share. So with that said, KIDS are excited to introduce to you, the inaugural;

“Suspect Lyricism Countdown”

The contents herein are foul, filthy, coarse, crude, despicable and disgusting. Keep children away and/or keep the ear muffs (eye muffs?) close! There are bad words. A few. So if you’re sensitive, read no further……


Dont do it! I warned ya!

The countdown begins….
At # 10 with Vinnie Paz

“Y’all are traveling the bum route”

This is a classic Paz line among the crew, we basically threw it in because it’s on OG when it comes to suspect lyrics. Da fuk is the bum route? Is it just off the Hershey Highway? Just seems like a half assed diss 😉 C’mon Vinnie, don’t take the bum route when you’re writing lyrics, you’re better than that.

At #9 we got Sean Price
“Innard, Lynard Skinner, why did I say that?”

Why did you say that Sean ? I suppose it’s a plus that he is already questioning himself on his suspect moment, but the question he has asked still remains. I mean, if you’re aware enough to ask it why not change it? Could be a freestyle but why not just freestyle more. I wish you cared more Sean, because thats all that’s really going on here, Sean Price did not give one flying ninja fuck about how this song turned out.

At #8 we got Beanie Siegel
“I stay on a mission with whores”

Doing what Beanie? Pimpin’? Maybe you are referring to your posse as whores? Or do you mean on a mission to get whores, as in you are looking to scoop more girls, get laid? Kus if so, you might be more successful if you don’t refer to them as whores. Anyways, we just don’t get it, what kind of beat down, broke ass, wannabe super hero goes out on his mission with a bunch of whores? Where’s Black Dynamite? Or maybe the best question is; what kind of missions does Beanie Siegel go on?

At #7 we got Drake
“I know way too many people here right now that I didn’t know last year; who the fuck are y’all?”

Drake must be confused. Or maybe he has some really quick amnesia, because he just said he knew a lot of people wherever he is, so I don’t understand how he could possibly follow that up by asking who they are. He says he didn’t know them last year, which to me implies that he knows them now. This is like me approaching Drake and saying “Hi Drake, who are you?” so maybe he’s posing a more existential question? If that’s the case then thats deep Drake, real deep.
Drakes deep.

At #6 we got Jay Rock
“My homeboy just domed a nigga”

Talk about suspect. Now maybe this is the spoiled white kid showing face and I totally get that he’s referring to gun shots, but do you really have to use such homo-erotic terminology to tell us about this shooting? How about ‘my friend just shot a man’ it’s not quite as hip and is very plain in the phrasing with no slang, but at least I’m not wondering whether your friend just sucked a dick or not. Just sayin’

At #5 we got Lil Wayne 


“K Y no homo, I’m on it”

Wayne is clearly the greatest rapper alive. I just have no idea what the fuck he is talking about.

At #4 we got Royce da 5’9
“Faggots only attract faggots and that’s that”

Theres two problems here. First of all, gay men have been attracted to straight men and straight men have been attracted to lesbians and I bet you there’s been some lesbians attracted to some feminine ass looking men, and I bet that some suspect straight males have been attracted to some feminine ass looking fags before too. Point is, faggots don’t only attract faggots, that is far from how the law of attraction works. Second problem is that there is nothing more annoying than people who are aggressively adamant about the correctness of their error. “And that’s that”. No Royce, just kus you’re a stubborn bigot doesn’t mean that that’s that by any means, in fact you’re fucking wrong. And that’s that. This lyric makes no sense and it’s so stupid it annoys me, but I laugh it off. Oh the authority Royce da 5’9 possess’s. Don’t get me wrong, I like Royce, one of my all time favorite songs is his ‘King of Kings’ but this is just dumb.

Now for the top 3 Suspect Lyrics encountered on tour…

You ready?

# 3

Big Noyd with
“I’m hot like a bitch”

Too funny. I get it, a bitch is a female dog in ‘heat’. He’s hot like a bitch, get it? He’s being clever. Big Noyds a clever little guy. I love this one. It’s kind of cute.

# 2

Immortal Technique with
“I don’t give a motherfuck, you can get your mother fucked”

A high level lyricist with a great cause in life and this is what you have to tell us?
Basically if you don’t join Technique’s revolutionary movement he’ll rape your mother. Or maybe he’ll seduce her. I could imagine some mothers get pretty turned on listening to Dance With The Devil. He’s always been a sexual figure in hip hop.
In all seriousness though, it’s quite a disappointing and contradicting thing to be heard from someone who wants to change the world and make it a better place. Stay away from my mom man, I woulda introduced you, I woulda, but that day has passed.

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

# 1



“First two words I ever learnt. Cock and squeeze”

The champion!
Someone please find out what the 3rd n 4th words were. Please! Wait, I don’t wanna know. Yes I do. No I don’t! Oh Jadakiss, the origin of your name is such a curiosity!

Now again, I get it. You’re gangsta’ and you’re talking about guns. But man, did you think this through? Take a moment…………………………………….. Right. Shoulda thought more. Please teach your children better first words because mine will make fun of yours if you don’t and I really don’t want that to happen. See kids, this is a lesson for you, when you front like you’re too cool, you end up looking like a fool. Kiss is a pretty cool guy and this quote here, it’s timeless, but only because it’s one of the funniest and dumbest things someone could ever say. He’s had better moments

And that ladies and gentlemen wraps up our first ever Suspect Lyricism Countdown. As we ride this out I will leave you with some exemplary lyricism to restore a little balance. Now since it is one of my personal favorites and I was pretty tough on him, here is Royce da 5’9 with King of Kings.
Thank you very much for tuning in. On behalf of KIDS, I am Digger Jibs the One Yakuvelli the Don Juan Adonis Sun of a Gypsy and I am Ghandi.


A sit down with KIDS (Video)

What’s good folks, it’s been a LOOOOOONG minute…for real!!!  We’ve been absent from the blogsphere but are back to the digital age and plenty has gone on since we last spoke with each other.
We’ve been steadily performing around the lower mainland over the last few months and have been blessed with opportunities to open for some legends such as; Talib Kweli, Elzhi, Onyx, Naughty By Nature, Alkoholiks, Beatnuts and Camp Lo.  Shout out to all of the booking agents involved, Jay Swing, Nation of Millions for their continual support and especially Craig, Tony and Erika at Outline Agency who have kindly added KIDS as tour support for Masta Ace’s Son of Yvonne Canadian tour.  We’re eager to hit the road with DJ Dahesh and Adlib Roman on March 7th, check out this link to the tour schedule and let us know if we’re coming through your city!!
The main reason for this blog entry though, is because we are excited to release this recent sit down interview created by Panayioti Yannitsos.  It’s a nice look into who KIDS really are and also highlights different projects and initiatives we’ve been working on.
There also have been a few projects that have been released by the KIDS and their extended family since we last updated so here’s a list of links to all that has gone on!
Jay Mizz – ComMiZZerate Your Soul – Thinking About You (Video) – Play On (Video)
The Lore – Emergence – Sunshine (1st Single)
The Story of How Jakub Evolved
A.T.A.K. – self titled – The City (Video)
Ali Dahesh – The Great Sea (ft Kasseb, Jakub Evolved)  – The Plan (ft Jay Mizz, Jakub Evolved) – True to Self (ft Jay Mizz)
MD – Wick Step ‘Rupert House’ EP
The finishing touches are being put on the 33KIDS EP and we will be dropping the 1st single and video “Wildin Out” on March 9th, which is also the Vancouver date of the Masta Ace tour.  We’ll be around more often to keep you updated throughout the tour, hope to see everyone across the nation!
One Love

Feature Friday #2 – Nikki Saint

Happy Friday LADIES…and gentlemen but today is for the ladies.

Welcome to the second edition of Feature Friday’s via MiZZNUM PI!  This week’s feature is on one of my favourite female artists and being as today is the release date for the Divine Feminine Video, I felt it would be fitting to keep that theme going.

Nikki Saint is a RnB/Hip Hop artist that hails from Kenora, Ontario AKA Central!!  Yes yes, I know what your thinking…and now she may be from my hometown, and she may also be my cousin and part of SDOE but it would be irresponsible of me to not bring this ladies talent to light.

I’ve been able to watch this artist grow since we started creating music together in her parent’s basement at age 13 and 16 respectively.  Things have progressed since then but to be honest, they are also pretty much the same…and I don’t meant that in a negative way.  Her brother Saint Kris, Nikki and I would all work together but it was clear from the beginning that she had the most talent and raw skill.  At only 13 years old this young lady was writing and recording her own tacks with original flows and melodies that showcased a variety of range and emotions.  It was immediately clear to anyone that heard her or saw her live, that she has the potential to be one of Canada’s main women in the music industry.

You’ll be able to hear her featured on ‘Shoulda Neva Premix’ featured on the KIDS upcoming Mixtape release Summer School.  I’m also very excited that you’ll be able to find her on several tracks off of my upcoming solo release ComMiZZerate Your Soul, releasing this July.

In the meantime here are a couple of tracks that she’s written, recorded and mixed herself as well as her social media links.  If you ever were looking to add female vocals to your tracks, hit her up via Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, as she has a wide skill set that could be provided to your work and add that nice soul/powerful touch that it may need.

Open Your Eyes – Nikki Saint

Don’t Know How To Be A Man – Nikki Saint!/nikki_saint_c

One love from my Peoples to my Tweeples


Feature Friday #1 – Boombox Saints

Happy Friday Folks!

Since I recently returned back to the blogosphere known as After School Session’s, I’ve felt this need to really be hitting everyone up on a constant basis.  So as I pondered last night, I decided I would make Friday a day that I’m going to consistently post and it will be called “Feature Friday’s”.

Every Friday will be a new volume and will feature a different track, artist, project that I may have stumbled upon or possibly have loved for years.  I’m hoping to bring you a wide range of music from artists all over the globe.  Some of these entries will be highly detailed, I’m hoping to interview a few bands and artists to get their direct words and thoughts and not just mine, but with that being said, this will all be spoken through my personal opinion.

  As the inaugural post, I’ll keep this one short and sweet but will be expanding posts as I go along, hopefully doing more in depth things.  This group has been one of my favourites since I moved to the Van.  I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with them a couple times (thanks to Outline Agency) and they bring a crazy energy, every..single.. time!  A dynamic group with tracks that have a dope bounce and make me just feel good when I bump on my travels around the city.  Huggy Fresh and Freeky P weave smooth wordplays and metaphors together while Adlib kills things melodically giving it a dope Hip-Hop/RnB feel.

For more details on their upcoming shows and releases check the list of links on the bottom and here’s the direct link to one of my favourite tracks by them, Late Night Creep from their most recent release ‘Bringin’ the Boom Back’.(Boombox Saints – Late Night Creep)  Be easy folks and I’ll see you holler at you next Friday!!/BoomboxSaints!/adibaybay!/HuggyFresh!/FreekyP

One love,