Class IS in Session

Welcome to your first After Class Session with KIDS!

We just wanted to give a quick introductory on what this blog will be all about and what you can expect as a reader and follower.  Not only will we be using this platform to keep everyone up to date with what’s happening with KIDS (Kinetic Intelligence Developing Soul) but we will also share several different opinions and thoughts, as well as other WICK content.

There are three professors that will be leading these sessions with Kelvin, Jakub Evolved and Mizzy Mizz all sharing opinions and learning’s from their life experiences.  There will be a wide variety of material covered from Arts & Sciences to Life and Ideas to World Issues, as well as plenty of other random banter.

We’ll be updating as much as possible, especially with the next few months packed with several shows, record/video releases and video/photo shoots.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out our current material  here are a few links that will help you get to know us a bit more:

Coming up next is a 33onethird & KIDS photo shoot on September 10th with Diane Jackson and the FIRST ever 33onethird & KIDS performance on September 16th as we open up for Mad Child and Snak the Ripper @ the Troubadour in Langley, BC.

One Love



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