Roll Call – Evolved

Peace and blessings. Whattup y’all. It took me a minute to figure out how I was gonna write this. At first I sat down and was gonna get all wordy with yall on some academic shiat, then I realized, I aint go to school, and this aint for any school, so frig it. Ima just kick it with yall in plain ol’ English, old school like we cracked them 40 oz again.
First and foremost, get off ya high horse. Maybe we use to ride horses that got us high, but then ketamine got popular. What I mean to say is, don’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case don’t overlook the meaning because of the language. One thing that pisses me off, is smart dumb motherfriggers who think because their using a bunch of big words to make there point that their point is valid or even worse, profound. But that’s a delusional way of thinking isn’t it? Didn’t Picasso reach great heights because of his penetrating perspective and ability to translate it so simply with just a couple strokes? This is just my opinion, but that’s artistry. All this overly complex verbiage to make the simplest point is a sign of pretension and really when it comes down to it, ignorance, and that’s ironic AND counterproductive. If you gotta use a bunch of big words and intricate, hardly graspable sentences to tell me eggs fry on a heated skillet, your prolly a dumb motherfrigger tryna hide behind an overpriced education or a desecrated dictionary. I say this generally to all people, but especially to artists, writers and most of all RAPPERS. Theres nothing worse than an idiot rapper tryna sound smart and write ‘deep songs’ which usually end up sounding generic as F#*$!!! If you’re an idiot, its ok, be an idiot and say something you really mean. Trust me, it will serve your purpose a lot better than misusing the word crucial and interpreting political events with the perspective of an ant and the mind of a 5 year old. If you lost your mouth guard and been drooling all day because of it, spit bout that, atleast it will be authentic. It worked for Wakka Flakka too, so eh, anythings possible.

And whats with all this “New Age” bullshatnit. These kids just watched the movie “The Secret” and all of a sudden they understand the secrets of the universe!?!? WTF!! That movie was more misleading than anything wasn‘t it? Get your head out of your small intestine Elmo! Just kus you read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle doesn’t mean your enlightened, in fact it means your far far FAR away from enlightenment because you just read the grade 1 equivalent of metaphysics!!! Its hilarious really, Im not saying its not good for you, im just saying if your doing grade 1 math you wont understand a physics professor, but that doesn’t mean you know more than them!!!  Put your helmet back on Jimmy, you still got training wheels in the back!!

Dave Chappelle and I share a similar outllook on ‘The Secret’  –

Keep keeping it real y’all. I got a bunch of change on me, but I gotta break some skrills before I get more dimes to drop on ya. Till next time, keep growing, keep trying new things and stay open.

One Love
Jakub Evolved


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