Hip Hop 4 Peace Through A Collaborating Path – Ali Dahesh

Happy Friday to all the KIDS of the world,

I just wanted to do a quick feature on a very talented and inspiring individual.  This gentleman has served as my mentor since 2006 and has really helped me to not only become the artist/performer I am today, but also the man I am.  Ali Dahesh is the big brother I never had and is a peaceful man that stand for a powerful message.  From Iran….to Greece…. to Saskatchewan… to BC…to Toronto, those who have come in contact with Mr Dahesh know that this message is FREEDOM.  This man is levelheaded and understands the realness of situations and constantly is building relationship with musicians in Canada, Cuba, China, Egypt and now is really starting to make moves in Iran and the Persian Hip Hop Scene, along with up and coming fire spitting Kasseb.

Ali will be at the Vancouver Art Gallery this Saturday at 2:30 for the Hip Hop 4 Peace festival with his Cuban Familia OBSESIÓN.  (LINK: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500883779#!/event.php?eid=166198526788185 )  Don’t miss this wealth of local talent working towards a common goal, pure hip hop and peace!  My personal fav last year was Ndidi Cascade, if you can catch her set, I assure you that you won’t be disappointed!!!

I would also like to feature his last project called Collaborations Path.  This record includes 24 different artists on 21 tracks, nearly all produced by Ali as well!  You can find Jakub Evolved, Kelvin and myself featured on the album.  Just click the link below and you’ll have a solid preview for Saturday’s Hip Hop 4 Peace festival, as Ali will be performing ‘What Do You Believe In? – ft Kasseb.  There also is a small message from Mr Dahesh below the link as well!

One Love and Bless











“Collaborations Path”….. Thank you all for your talented poetry…email me if you are interested in future projects!


This album is dedicated to many people, but one in particular. It starts in a special way featuring my father (Mohamad) starting the track called Solid Hearts which also features my good friend Jay Mizz. When I was a child I remember my father was always singing Persian poetry, and he was able to sing many popular persian songs with a voice that to this day causes shivers and goose bumps to many listeners, a very rare and special talent back home. He used to also recite prayers from the Quran with his powerful voice in front of the masses for the prayers. Thank you Dad for inspiring me and encouraging me to do what I love!

20 Tracks!!!!!, 24 Features!!!

(My Father, Jay Mizz, Antony of Egypt, Young Moe Ali, Punchie, Tewolde Issac, Erks Orion, Kasseb, Kamau, Jakub Evolved, Derelict, Colinout, Brassface, Dista, Sigrid, Eltipo Este, Intikana, Kelvin, Malfunction, Pimpton, Aiden Adriana, Jeremy Pittman, Prince Armond, Shadow Murdera Production).

This album shows many directions of my ability to be able to apply towards creating something very interesting for the listeners ears, combing poetry, rap, singing, and any unique style that I was able to portray combined with Persian music, hip hop sounds, melodies, harmonies also the collaboration of artists/producers from around the world. Majority of the features on this album I have personal met and we’ve connected on a creation level, some are good friends of mine and some we’ve just experienced the studio together, and a few I’ve only contacted through the virtual world with. In all matters the creation high has been beyond amazing with each artists on this album, and now I can say “Thank you my friends, it has been my pleasure working with all of you and I look forward to further collaborations”.

Instrumental creations and the capability of sampling in the hip hop genre has given me lots of creative ideas on mixing Persian music melodies and creating something out of the normal with it, credits are given for all the samples that I have used, some recognizable and some not at all. I encourage all the people to listen to the original creators of those songs that I have sampled and support them also. “I do this to express my soul, thank you for your sounds”. Music creation can also bring souls that have never met together, music to our ears is a connection in the frequency world with one another, I’m thankful for all creators of all sounds, and all those that have been involved in this project. Keep striving to do what you love and believe in yourselves.

My 2009 album Stereo Typical World – A War Story was is a blessing to me. That album along side many of my other songs are my personal release of what I have experienced, expressed in my creative art form. I live to spread the message of peace and being humble, having compassion and focusing on love to everyone I come across with. So much is happening in this world that we just want to release what’s on our mind, pray and hope that it carries to the ears of everyone. We all want to be responsible for a better change in our world and carry forward the goods that have been created by our respected ancestors.

“The Concept of this album”. Through out my travels I have met many people (artists, poets, musicians, activist, fans, DJ’s, break dancers, graffiti artist, people that just love life and creating art in any form from their passion).

What I want to show in this album is many forms of artists with great abilities, so much talent in our world, and this is just a small fraction of them. These are artist that are dedicated to the love of the music, for the passion of the adrenaline, the satisfaction of creating something out of nothing and being able to portray a beautiful message that is within them with the idea to hopefully be able to change their world through the power of words and music. I want everyone that hears this album to go further and listen to more projects that they have been involved with and appreciate them. It has been my pleasure to meet and work with them. We all have artistic abilities; it’s just not that all of us choose to show it to the world. Believe in yourselves, that alone is the reward of greatness. We can learn from everyone, regardless of our differences in opinions. If we can work together and build to better our world, think about the impact that we can have on our kids, we have to teach our younger generation that violence is not the way, in someway, anyway to reach out and give a helping hand in any form you are capable, please get yourselves involved in one way or another, I know these words are always repeated through the talk of peace, but it is better to be repeated over and over than never to be spoken of, keep spreading the good message of who we are. True creation of art is to evolves us as greats…connect with your heart and soul and use your wisdom, building process well happen naturally Focus on love

This is Volume 1 of Collaborations path and believe me, the volumes wont stop as long as I’m around!

Ali Dahesh

One step beyond, like two steps. Peace~


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