BreakOut West…or North


It is with great pleasure that I find myself typing away at a Whitehorse Starbucks…itching to let y’all know what the flip is going on. As some of you may know, we have some things to discuss.

I really hope everybody got their “fill” with Jakub’s last post. If you haven’t peeped it yet, read below after you read mine first…cause clearly mine is now the main topic of discussion 😉 Regardless, we have given thanks for whatever pleasures we may find in our lives, and hopefully y’all are running like hell to tighten up that waistline. Unfortunately, it’s preeeeettyyyyy much just my mind that’s been racing at the moment. I could really go for a friggin hike or something.

Nonetheless, October is always a fun time of year for me. A lotta my fellow Libras get their annual shine…cause no matter how much we drift from things, we always expect YOU to remember our B-days. So…if you haven’t wished me a happy one yet….ya slipped buds. *K what was the main purpose for this blog??

Oh! Right! A trip North with KIDS!!!

Basically, we have been selected to perform in Whitehorse at BreakOut West; a musical showcase of groups/ musicians from Western Canadian jurisdictions. This event is at the same time as the Western Canadian Music Awards; so there are a lot events happening here, including workshops and conferences during the day. Not to bore you with all that ish…but at the end of the day these sessions will get us gooder with communication–> to be in touch with YOU!

Well, there has been a helluva lot of prep for this event…and I still don’t feel quite prepared…but like my man Dave Haddock says, “a piece of art isn’t complete until there is a deadline”…I couldn’t agree more Mr. Haddock. I really wanna give shouts to Music Yukon and the Yukon Film & Sound Commission for their involvement with Breakout West. Also, Joelle May, and Elaine Schiman for getting our information to the masses. AND Emily Farrell, and Jessica Hall for making some fantastic live footy of me at the Yukon Arts Centre. You all are supporting local music (reader included). THANK YOU.

Well, our tea is spent. Jakub and I are here waiting for Mizz. We’re gonna grab some eats and prep for tomorrow, then scoop Jay Mizzerables tonight at the ‘port. Keep in touch as we will attempt to update this every day this weekend. Here is what happened upon leaving the airport for the first time today:



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