Day 1 @ BOW

Alright. Lets get down to business.

Here we are again, kicking it at this here coffee shop that provides us with wireless fidelity. But we’re drinking tea.

Last you saw, we jus got into Whitehorse and we were driving around looking at random things. Now, we “kick” things off with a little clip of scoopin Mizz at the Whitehorse International Airport.

Just lovely. Now that we have been let outta the city, it’s time that things get left askew. We went to meet folks at the Jarvis Street Saloon, met some slop dogs, had a drank, then proceeded home.

Upon waking up this morning, we advanced to a Tim Ho’s, then proceeded to the Westmark Whitehorse Hotel. This is the main venue where Breakout West is happening. We checked out some funky seminars and basically learned how to sort our lives out. We’re working on it! I promise!

Sorting life out...

A quick trip for some groceries resulted in a hot tasty meal for a late lunch. We ran back to Westmark for a lil mingling on CBC radio with Dave White; we’ll post the link up for that soon as its available.

Tonight is our first set for Breakout West, 12:00 at the Rock Pub, following Jen Lane (nominated for roots solo recording of the year), Manuella (nominated for urban recording of the year), and Pacifika (nominated for world recording of the year).

For those of you in Whitehorse, we hope to catch you there either tonight, or tomorrow at the Jarvis Street Saloon, 8:00pm, followed by Roots Sellers and Sweatshop Union.

You reeeeeaaaaaady?? (hey P?!)

Kelvin murkin P in a 28 minute wraaastle

We’ll “drop” you a new one soon. Stay tuned folks…



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