Day 2 @ BOW

Good afternoon folks, Mizznum P.I. here with ya on this lovely Saturday evening!  As you may know, we’ve been busy attending western Canada’s largest music festival Breakout West, as well as the Western Canada Music Awards which is being held in the Yukon this year.  It’s been quite the experience being in Whitehorse for the first time, as well as getting to connect with several different Industry heads from across the world, ranging from North America to Europe.

It’s been rather refreshing being in this city, kind of reminds me of my hometown of Kenora, especially seeing a little bit of snow on the ground yesterday and it barely being late October!!  The air seems fresher and the people are very welcoming and being as Kelvin was born and raised in this beautiful place, its a bit hard to keep track of all the names to go with the faces.  The amount of love that has been shown has been amazing and much appreciation to all those who have come out to chop it up and kick it with us.  One group that definitely could not be forgotten though is the Root Sellers.  We were able to catch them play at the Old Fire Hall earlier this afternoon and are also performing with tonight at the Jarvis Street Saloon.  Here’s a clip from their afternoon performance:

Last night’s performance went well and DAMN did Pacifika ever KILL their set, some wild stage presence and their lead singer Silvana seduced the crowd onto the dance floor with her Latin flavour singing songs in English, Spanish and French. The band is based out of Vancouver and we look forward to catching them again in the future when we’re back in Van City.  Here’s a link to their homepage, highly suggest checking them out if they are coming through your city.


Tonight is going to be a wild night at the Jarvis Street Saloon, where we’ll be opening for the Roots Sellers and Sweatshop Union.  Here’s K-Smeezaaaayyy with a little debrief of how things have gone; be sure to check back tomorrow for another update on how the show went.

One Love folks,

Mizznum P.I. aka MizzyMizztheMutantthatposesintheFLESH


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