Day 3 @ BOW

Eh y’all, how she go my lovelies. We are back in starbucks, which has become our second home on this adventure catering to all our wireless needs. To be very frank with you, i am a rugged mess at the moment, just holding it together, last night was nuts! Pistachios and almonds folks, nuts.

We had the early set, setting off the entertainment for the evening at the Jarvis Saloon, and we had a great time ! Such a fun set, the local folks showed so much love, were very interactive, hit the dance floor, and local B-Boy, Nick Robinson, member of Groundwork Sessions, even threw down. The acts that followed, Root Sellers, Sweatshop Union and others, all brought exceptional energy. The Root Sellers we’re even so kind as to invite us back on stage for a cypher about 2 thirds of the way through their set, which was definitely one of the highlights of the night for myself, so big ups to those boys! Check em out in the link below y’all!

Once all the performing was done however, we let loose and tied a few on, got a chance to interact with all the beautiful people in attendance. One young lady in particular came to the spot rocking a homemade KIDS tank top that she sewed together herself!! Big ups to this young gal representing one third of Whitehorse’s own Uncle Touchy; whattup Miriam.

Caveman Kelvin and Miriam. WAKE UP KIDS!

Once we bounced from the Jarvis Saloon, we went and mucked some eats at Timmy Ho’s, accompanied by breaker Nick. Then we moseyed over to what was referred to as ‘Make Out West’, the unofficial after party of the night, where plenty industry heads rolled through such as Sweatshop Union, Brian Thompson, Gordie Tentrees among many others.

Sending Mizzy away

Mizznum aka Poncho Sanchez dipped and caught the 6 o’clock back to Vancity tonight, after which Kelvin and myself shot this lil clip to fill y’all in on whats been happening today.

Well thats all for now my dudes and dudettes. Enjoy yaselves, stay safe, wild out and we’ll be in touch. Pretty sure we’re gonna put together at least one more blog with reflections and footage on the Break Out West experience as a whole, so stay up and on the look out for that! Till then, much love folks.



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