Remember: Don’t Forget

wow folks…

it has been a minute. More like an approximate 57,600 min… but who in the right mind is actually counting?

I remember (vaguely) attempting to write a blog a while ago, failed miserably at completing it. In a sense, it was forgotten. So I saved the title in an effort to keep this updated. Could we do this everyday for you? Maybe. But then there’s no excitement. We’d bore you worse than Operations Management classes during a Nuckers game!

"Mind if I step outside to smoke this, sir? I'm bored as fuck and I need a break from your lecture"

So, we appreciate your patience. It’s a great night to be working on stuff. We’ve all been busy in our lives, and for myself, things are cooling out for just enough time that I can type this out. Things have been working out really well for KIDS lately. We murked the set at The Media Club once again, bringing up my 33OneThird homies to start the evening off proper, opening up for DL Incognito, Rapper Big Pooh and Chaundon. Got a lot of respect for those guys. Not only did they have great sets, they were legitimate folk to chop it up with. Always something to appreciate when we put a lot of effort into doing lots of these shows: to be able to chat with the headliner. See what they’re about. Lasting impressions are made, and as indicated before, some just aren’t what you expect. I swear, some of these rugged MCs that you hold highly in your regard are prissy bitches! It’s gross. I’m telling you folks, some people couldn’t last one night in The Yukon!!! “What did you say? Some Silver Patron? Look at our shelf, that’s what is available for you, sir…” Ahh, good ol’ selection at the 202.

"It doesn't look like we have Silver Patron, sir. How about Scarlett Motts?"

O yo!!! Apologies for the tangent. Back to where I was going. We also had a sick set at The Red Room later in February. We opened up for Defenders of the Faith and Royce Da 5’9″. Some killer acts, I’ll tell you what! A great venue to perform at. Sound was stellar, and we had a whole pack of folks in the front row jammin with us. Really a beautiful sight to see; a thoroughly enjoyed evening with our peoples!

Now, speaking of our peoples, Mizz and his two main producers, Ali Dahesh and MD, are currently in Kenora, as they begin their tour with the legendary Masta Ace, with Marco Polo & Stricklin. See below for the tour dates…

  • Tuesday, March 13, in Kenora, ON
  • Wednesday, March 14, in Winnipeg, MB
  • Thursday,  March 15, in Regina, SK
  • Monday, March 19, in Banff, AB
  • Tuesday, March 20, in Calgary, AB
  • Thursday, March 22, in Revelstoke, BC
  • Friday, March 23, in Nelson, BC
  • SATURDAY, MARCH 24, IN VANCOUVER, BC (with yours truly! -KIDS & 33OneThird-) @ The Red Room
  • Monday, March 26, in Whistler, BC
  • Thursday, March 29, in Nanaimo, BC
  • Friday, March 30, in Victoria, BC
  • Saturday, March 31, in Langley, BC

KIDS & 33OneThird opening for Masta Ace with Marco Polo & Stricklin on Saturday, March 24, 2012, at The Red Room, Vancouver, BC

Check the Jay Mizz fan page on Facebook to find out the venue locations they’ll be at. We’re most definitely proud of these fellas to have such a strong initiative to make this tour happen for themselves. Stoked to hear about all the stories, and hopefully some good connects for the future!

Also, we have some VERY exciting news to tell you about! Remember how we had that mixtape we were gonna put out last summer for y’all? Then, my gear was stolen, we cried, we argued, and we put in work to bring it back to life. It is now upon completion of the mixing phase. In a sense, it seems just right for some meddling KIDS to be held back a year…but we’re gonna finish what we started! It’s got a great sound to it…we’re very excited to show y’all, so in the meantime, get your Q-tips out, clean them auditory canals, and dust off your speaks! We’ll have this mixtape ready before you can decipher an order at Starbucks!

*K bro I'll have what you're having*

That’s it tonight, folks. Early morning tomorrow. Starting with a trip to Mission to post up some merch at Below Retail Clothing! Richard Murphy, whattup!

Peace y’all.



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