Start the New Year Chasing Infinity

Bout to run some fools over on the playground...KIDS and 33OneThird!!

Ahoy my lovely lepers! Here we come !!  Its officially been 2012 for 3 days now and there’s been no signs of the world ending yet. 2011 flew by, we laid some solid groundwork down and we’re here to keep building. KIDS will grow, but shall remain KIDS! Hope you all had an eventful New Years and holidays with whoever you spent it with, but i’m not a very holiday centric person, so lets hop right to it…use your hips!

Last we left you, we were in Whitehorse Yukon for the Break Out West Festival. In case you missed it, here’s an interview we did with Paula Pawlovich of Goldrush Productions. Whatta Milf!

Now that’s where we left off, but let me tell you more about where we’re going in the immediate future. Its called The Motel Nightclub in South Vancouver. Who’s gonna be there? Oh, ya know, just the regulars, KIDS, RA the Rugged Man and Killah Priest. When? you say…. Why this very friday…………So now that you’re aware of where the place to be is and when to be there (roll in round 9:30 ;)), heres a link with more info for ya’ll.

Now if you were wondering who the two hooligans accompanying KIDS in the picture at the top of the page are, well I’m glad you were curious, kus I was just bout to break it down. Its Nevamynd and Mistaphi of Ladners own 33OneThird!!! And boy oh boy do KIDS and 33 got something special for yall this year!! But right now I’d like to focus on my dude Mistaphi…he’s the one you can barely see and the only one not on the car in the said pic. Before I even say anything else though, let me just drop this little gem on ya’ll courtesy Mistaphi, produced by Pashak featuring Glympse, to give ya’ll a taste of what my doods been cooking up.

Dope right? I know I know…..and this brings me to the point I wanted to make, and its called Chasing Infinity! What do you mean chasing infinity Jake? I mean Chasing Infinity! With capitals because its the title of Mistaphi’s first solo album (if you couldnt tell from the link, you slow motherfriggers!) which was just released in late December. This album is a must have for all true hiphop heads. Pashak is a monster on the boards, cultivating a nostalgic late 90’s east coast/midwest feel that Mistaphi has his way with from beginning to end.

Now there’s two things I really appreciate about this album, one, the lyricism! The raw honesty and wit from Mistaphi, this is who he is, take it how you want it, but he’s not trying to be anything, he’s just letting you get to know him with his “chain smoking and whiskey, Mista fuckin romantic” and by the time your finished listening “either your jaws on the floor, or your jaws on the floor, you choose”. The second aspect of the album that stands out to me, is the most important and the reason why you should all add this to your collection, because its an ALBUM! So many artists overlook this part of the artistry these days. Its one thing to make a song and put a bunch of random songs onto a disc, but its a whole other world when an album is a unified whole and every song is an integral piece, like chapters in a book. From the production to the lyrics, song by song, encapsulated by the album title, this work is clearly a cohesive construction, cleverly crafted to give you a glimpse into one mans mind. Whats he about? Check it out for yourself. Its a strong statement!

My personal favorite is ‘Extra Mile’ but theres plenty gems to be found in the mix. Truth is we’re all chasing infinity, but some of us are afraid to really go after it because the odds scare us, so if you need a little motivation to help you get up and go get yours, Mistaphi has something for you, leading by example, showing you how to man up and go after it.

And to tie things together, if your feeling Mistaphi, he might just be making an appearance at the show this Friday, just sayin….I’ma get outta here tho, off to Seattle for a couple days… I’ll be back to kick it with yall at the Motel Nightclub, be there motherfriggers!!

Oh, and just in case you forgot, KIDS got bars!



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