Wearing green for the halibut

Sup, creatures!

A lovely March 17 it is! I see many people wearing green today. Myself included! Such a beautiful colour. My fav, if you care to know that badly! (ladies, take note!)

Nice poof, ma

Now, many people likely have very little clue about why they’re rocking green today. And you know what? that’s okay. If y’all wanna congregate with others and get smashed, then you go girl!!! Just try to find a good place to crash your head at night.

For a Scotsman, "THAT'LL DEW!"

You see, apparently Mr. Patrick is the most recognized Saint! Interesting, my first two are Saint Nick 😉 , and Saint Valentine. Those guys are legends! Regardless, the reason I’m rockin the green today is for a special little reason. Not to represent the Trinity necessarily (praises due to the great unknown), but because here on the Pacific… we have some great Halibut. In fact, the Pacific Halibut we choose to muck with some fried taters, or on a bed of rice with asparagus, is actually the most eco friendly of the halibut family! AND healthiest, because of its low content of mercury. So, today, Ima drink for my favourite fish! And rock the green, to promote a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

Look at that goodness.

Now, champions, some of you (most, actually) are prolly thinking… Kelvin, you twit. What the eff are you talking about? The point is, folks, that even when you’re NOT conforming… you’re still conforming to sum’n. *Damn haters, non-conforming only to become conformists from an outside perspective*

But lemme get to sum’n truly worth mentioning. I have a crew I work with up north, called Groundwork Sessions. It’s a b-boy crew I basically grew up with. We’ve watched each-other grow and have helped one-another in getting where we’re at. In fact, Facebook says we’re in a relationship!! How bout that!? We’ve performed at numerous gigs together, worked on videos, and planned events to get folks like yourself out to enjoy what we have to offer! We’ve applied for some Yukon music festivals together for this summer, so hopefully we can give y’all a nice idea of what we do! If you don’t already know…

Furthermore, these guys just opened their website!!! I encourage you to check it out. It has info about the crew, bloggin action, performance updates, wicked photos as well as contact info for performing. What’s really cool about checking it now? Well, first, it’s a chance to get to know these fellers before they move down to Vancou… and second, they are giving away a free hoodie to the 101st person who sends a comment via their “contact us” page!


Do it big, folks.

Well, Ima go meet some beauties at my local market. Had a late night session at PartNerd studio with producer/MC Mr H, sick photographer Joseph Cruz, jibb-digger Jakub Evolved, the real MC coy, as well as my main dude Munro. Finishing up the mixes for KIDS mixtape made it a 4am Style kinda night… gotta love those! Now for some Montgomery’s fish. Support Ocean Wise. If you don’t care that much… jus do it for the Halibut 😉

OH. and if you’re up in the ‘Kon… hit Yukon Brewing Company for some green beer this weekend. Your eyes may not be interested… but your tastebuds will be!

That's what's up!! only this weekend!!

chat soon, frosty snow-bears…



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