Masta Ace Canadian tour reflection (pics)

What’s good ladies and gents, it’s been a long minute since I last hit up the blog…quite possibly BreakOut West last October if I’m not mistaken!  With that being said, I apologize for my absence but thankfully my colleagues Jakub ‘Digger Jibbs’ Evolved (@JakubEvolved) and Kelvin ‘Swagog’ Smolercoaster(@4amstyles)  have been holding it down steady!!  As much as I’d love to detail all the excellent experiences of the few months, I don’t want anyone to wake up with a keyboard imprint on their face.

As mentioned by Swagog in his last entry, I was recently blessed with the opportunity from @TonyPurple , @FrontlineCraig and Erika @Kenning12  of @OutlineAgency ( to go on tour with the legendary Juice Crew member Masta Ace,  eMC member Stricklin and one of Canada’s best producers Marco Polo.  This opportunity came up to promote my upcoming album release ‘CoMIZZerate Your Soul’ (prod. MD) due for release in early summer.  It also was my first opportunity to experience the road for this long of a stint.  Doing 13 shows in 19 days was quite the long haul with thousands of photos, hours of footage and millions of those little white ticks on the asphalt.

Being my first time driving across Canada there was plenty of crazy scenery to take in and the cities we stopped in were amazing, I’ve never seen the mountains and water like that before.  We started out with our first performance in my hometown of Kenora and made our way west. The sets and crowds just seemed to get better and better, as did our performance but my favourite part was observing how Ace, Strick and Marco do their set night in and night out.  The way they can control a crowd night in and night out with such presence and chemistry on stage.  No matter what obstacles popped up, the show remained the same high energy throughout the whole tour.

I was on the road with the KIDS DJ, DJ Dahesh (@alidahesh) and we had plenty of great opportunities to build and network on that trip from central all the way back out west.  Even though we were just the opening act, everyone from the sound man to the promoter treated us well and I feel like our set really amped up the crowd for the next set that was following. We also toured with another opening act, the BoomBap Saints from Halifax, that consist of Anonamyss, Flexxman and Dubbz.  These guys are dope, real old school hip hop feel, super live energy and just good dudes to kick it with.  One love to Anon’s manager/tour merch guy Stephen and Chris who handled the videotaping responsibilities.

I was able to learn a lot about myself and not just about music but in several other areas that I could improve to be more efficient, effective, productive, etc.  I look forward to more ventures like these in the future and building with the people that I met along the way, it was blessing and a pleasure.  Especially all those who let us grab some floor space, a couch and even fed us.  There are way too many people to name but when we speak again..and it will be soon, I will once again pay my respects for your hospitalities and love.  Thanks again to Outline Agency for letting me be a part of this and to Ace, Strick and Marco for being so dope and teaching me a ton over three weeks, onward and upward gentleman. I won’t keep you too long and I vow to be more timely with my posts but I’ll leave with some of my favourite pictures that I snapped along the way in the slideshow, it was super hard to narrow down and I’ll try to upload the rest on a proper platform to do so.

Oh and one last thing, be on the lookout for some exciting KIDS announcements in the next week as well folks, we’ve got some awesome stuff ready for release in the next few weeks….may we have the first official KIDS release coming up soon?  May the KIDS release multiple things as well?  Will Digger Jibbs lyrically annihilate bars?  Will Swagog wrestle melodies at ease like he does with Yukon Yeti’s?  Will Poncho Sanchez rap live with a finger-stache?..of course they will folks, of course they will.

One Love,

Jay ‘Poncho Sanchez’ Mizz (@MiZZNUM_PI)

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