Feature Friday #1 – Boombox Saints

Happy Friday Folks!

Since I recently returned back to the blogosphere known as After School Session’s, I’ve felt this need to really be hitting everyone up on a constant basis.  So as I pondered last night, I decided I would make Friday a day that I’m going to consistently post and it will be called “Feature Friday’s”.

Every Friday will be a new volume and will feature a different track, artist, project that I may have stumbled upon or possibly have loved for years.  I’m hoping to bring you a wide range of music from artists all over the globe.  Some of these entries will be highly detailed, I’m hoping to interview a few bands and artists to get their direct words and thoughts and not just mine, but with that being said, this will all be spoken through my personal opinion.

  As the inaugural post, I’ll keep this one short and sweet but will be expanding posts as I go along, hopefully doing more in depth things.  This group has been one of my favourites since I moved to the Van.  I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with them a couple times (thanks to Outline Agency) and they bring a crazy energy, every..single.. time!  A dynamic group with tracks that have a dope bounce and make me just feel good when I bump on my travels around the city.  Huggy Fresh and Freeky P weave smooth wordplays and metaphors together while Adlib kills things melodically giving it a dope Hip-Hop/RnB feel.

For more details on their upcoming shows and releases check the list of links on the bottom and here’s the direct link to one of my favourite tracks by them, Late Night Creep from their most recent release ‘Bringin’ the Boom Back’.(Boombox Saints – Late Night Creep)  Be easy folks and I’ll see you holler at you next Friday!








One love,



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