Feature Friday #2 – Nikki Saint

Happy Friday LADIES…and gentlemen but today is for the ladies.

Welcome to the second edition of Feature Friday’s via MiZZNUM PI!  This week’s feature is on one of my favourite female artists and being as today is the release date for the Divine Feminine Video, I felt it would be fitting to keep that theme going.

Nikki Saint is a RnB/Hip Hop artist that hails from Kenora, Ontario AKA Central!!  Yes yes, I know what your thinking…and now she may be from my hometown, and she may also be my cousin and part of SDOE but it would be irresponsible of me to not bring this ladies talent to light.

I’ve been able to watch this artist grow since we started creating music together in her parent’s basement at age 13 and 16 respectively.  Things have progressed since then but to be honest, they are also pretty much the same…and I don’t meant that in a negative way.  Her brother Saint Kris, Nikki and I would all work together but it was clear from the beginning that she had the most talent and raw skill.  At only 13 years old this young lady was writing and recording her own tacks with original flows and melodies that showcased a variety of range and emotions.  It was immediately clear to anyone that heard her or saw her live, that she has the potential to be one of Canada’s main women in the music industry.

You’ll be able to hear her featured on ‘Shoulda Neva Premix’ featured on the KIDS upcoming Mixtape release Summer School.  I’m also very excited that you’ll be able to find her on several tracks off of my upcoming solo release ComMiZZerate Your Soul, releasing this July.

In the meantime here are a couple of tracks that she’s written, recorded and mixed herself as well as her social media links.  If you ever were looking to add female vocals to your tracks, hit her up via Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, as she has a wide skill set that could be provided to your work and add that nice soul/powerful touch that it may need.

Open Your Eyes – Nikki Saint

Don’t Know How To Be A Man – Nikki Saint





One love from my Peoples to my Tweeples



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