Tour Talk

Peoples. We have some things to discuss.

We’ve had some things to discuss.

Now’s a good time.

Get comfortable

Get comfortable

If you didn’t know yet, KIDS went on a Canada-wide tour in March-April. 18 shows were performed opening up for Masta Ace. You ever heard of the guy? He brought many favourites like “Acknowledge”, “Beautiful”, and featured on a classic Cunninlynguists jam called “Seasons”. But I’m not here tryna learn ya up on who the guy is, I’m gonna tell you about our experience on the road. Now, you may see others writing bout the trip too, so I’ma try my best to speak on my behalf. That way I don’t cause death by boredom to you: the reader.

A funny thing it is to write about this trip… It was our first assignment to complete upon returning to Van, but it took a long time to get started. Why? What dafuq took so long? Well, I needed to process the experience. Did the time help? Maybe not. But I have come to one conclusion. This tour was more than a Canada-wide trip with a few buds; it was an experience of a lifetime. Ya, way to be a Cliché Clint, right?

The fuck is going on?

The fuck is going on?

But really, y’all. A dream to travel Canada came true. How amazing was it that we drove across the country, living out of a fluckin van, doing what we love on stage?! This trip captured the essence of independent music: Staying self-sustainable. We travelled on our own, determined our own accommodations, and relied on no one but ourselves at the shows. Crazy, ah?!

Real talk

Real talk

Okay, maybe not THAT crazy. But still. I look back and think of all the people that let a friend or family member stay at their homes, with 4 other dudes… we recognize the support. We see the belief in us, and we are simply grateful for all the people who lent us a hand throughout the trip. The best thing that’s come from tour is the fact that we all stopped working (what is known to many as) a day job. Don’t get me wrong, making minimum wage in an area of Canada with the second highest cost of living is tempting, but I’d rather merge my two education paths (music production and business), and have a crack at this thing called life.

We comin' for ya, bruh

We comin’ for ya, bruh

And we all have something to bring to the table. Anyone you see us working with has been, and will be an integral part to our success. But this isn’t the first time speaking on this. We’ve said that on almost every radio show we’ve been featured on… and we’ll likely be speaking on it again to many more radio hosts.

So, tell me how you all met...

“So… tell me how you all met…”

Now don’t worry, I love you radio hosts. We even got to hop on Revelstoke’s Stoke FM, 92.5 for a little interview! That was quite the night, I tell ya. The beauty thing about every show was that there were people we knew at them. Maybe not many all the time, but they were there. In fact, now may be a good moment to answer those quick questions y’all lovely Larrys enjoy asking!
A: Calgary.

A: It’s hard to explain. But the best reason I could give you is the overall experience once the show began. I mean, when we first got to Calgary, the experience was ass. Like, no love for the little crew that could. But we stayed on the mission, and things came together once we arrived at Commonwealth Bar. My, oh my… we were treated like royalty! (Minus the expectation of  getting treated like royalty… you know?)



But what started as a casual small-talk moment with Wordsworth, one of Ace’s partners in crime, turned into an in-depth chat about our set, and how it can be improved. Looking back we were frantically taking mental notes, making some late-game change ups for that evening! Seeing as it was a favourite night for me, it must’ve worked! Another thing that had us excited about the show was the fact they had wireless mics at that stage. All three of us were set! I believe we put on great sets with wired mics… but having a wireless set-up for us hooligans is simply a catalyst for an exceptional show. Trust. Also, while mid-way thru our first song, Jakub was handed a bottle of Hennessy. This was a big moment for us. But the moment started to grow, much like the crowd during our set! Our peoples in the front, heads in the back drawn to us, and a Hennessy party wildin’ out! We finished the set strong, and started selling merch. We got a good haul that night. We ended off the evening by polishing off the bottle (which has been kept, and sits on my shelf like a trophy for KIDS), and kickin’ it with some great peoples. Nuttin’ wrong with a couple victory pulls right?! It’s all those little positive experiences that made my night simply amazing. As well as the kickass review on us by Sarah Sussman, of Hip Hop Canada… Salute, miss!

A: I would say Edmonton… But… That would make it look like it was promising, which it rarely is. For real tho. Aside from the West-Ed mall, what is great about that place? I’ve met a few key beauties from that spot… but never IN that spot. What does that alone tell you? Anyways, Edmonton fell thru. You may notice I’m bitter toward Edmonton. They needa step their hip hop game up in a big way. But hey. It wasn’t the biggest let-down in my books. Kelowna, on the other hand… WOW! That was a let down! We heard all the hype about how it was gonna be a great time, tons of homies out, a wild night to be had… No. It was tame. The crowd, as small as it was, was still with us. But damn it was hard work!

A: 5 guys cooped up in a van for 6 weeks. Of course we had our moments. I like to think each of us had an argument with every other member of the group… at least I know I did! but it helped us grow, and gave us thicker skin. There were no blow-ups by any means. A couple heated conversations here n there. It was healthy for us. It’s really why I call them my brothers. C’mon, tell me you’ve gotten along with your siblings 100%!

A: A lot of Tim Horton’s. Fast, easy to find, and a somewhat healthy alternative… unless you eat it daily… which may have happened. But my main order from there was their Honey Lemon tea. There aren’t many consumable items that I stand by… yet that tea right there I endorse to the fullest! In fact, I can count the amount of coffees I had on the trip on one hand! Other than that, we tried to eat in other spots that were fast; only a couple times we treated ourselves to dine at a nice restaurant. There were a couple people we stayed with who were willing to let us use their kitchen, or make a delightful feast with us. Those were the best meals!

A: You might laugh at this, but Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan?! what the?! Ya. The flattest part of our country was the scariest. The melting, avalanche-infested Rockies were manageable. the continuous blah of the Canadian Shield was meh, and the roller-coaster like rolling hills of the Appalachians were a cool breeze. All of that was nothing compared to the wide, 2 lane traffic that had a median of a quarter kilometre, on a flat, ongoing road that you could see ahead for days… but that was the issue. We were driving in a white out! Cross winds slamming into our little packed vessel. At times all we could use for reference was the tail lights ahead of us. Gusts so strong that we were driving at an angle: slightly into the wind. And if the wind stopped? We’d be heading straight toward the ditch!

A: Golly, this is a tough question to answer, K. Little sentimental moments hit home for me. Like when we get offered to come back to Montreal for the Under Pressure festival. Or even when we had a small crowd at one of the shows: Ace was on and the night was almost over, but he took a moment to chat about how small attendances can affect the show in a big way. The job remains the same: entertain those who came to listen. Definitely an inspiring moment. Or maybe the way my dude Munro continually upped his game on every new song we made on the road. But what took the cake? performing at Michipicoten High School in Wawa, ON! We started with a workshop for the music class, recorded a lil’ sum’n sum’n for our next record, then did a performance for the second block before lunch! Hanging out with the kids after the set was truly one of the most rewarding moments for me thus far in my career.

A: Weird. Bittersweet. I was ready to be home, but had a difficult time adjusting. It’s a different life on the road: many sacrifices, late nights, and hardships not experienced at home. It is working 100% of the time. But it was a developed system that worked, and we will see the functionality increase each time we head out.

Well, y’all, that’s where it’s at. Since we’ve been back we’ve found our motivation, and we’re looking to get some newer projects completed. Mizz has been working with Nikki Saint on her solo record, Jakub has been working on a couple different solo albums, like the Evolutionaries EP (with Pashak), A Love Misunderstood (with MD) and The Black Madonna mixtape, with some production by me! We’ve also been working with 33OneThird to get our #33KIDS EP out, which I’m really looking forward to. As for myself, I’ve been working on completing on 33’s next record, just finishing up recording with MistaPhi & Nevamynd, and chopping it up with P about production. Some great material in store for y’all!

So thanks for tuning in. Sorry it took so long to get this to you. Feel free to holler at us an ask us any questions about tour! We love interacting on here when we can.




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